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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Interior Design Ideas : Reading Room Concept

MANY people use their spare time by reading. Having tired of working all day, reading can be an alternative entertainment. In order to read a more enjoyable activity, you need a comfortable reading room.

Comfort does not always require the presence of large area. Narrow area can be converted into a comfortable reading room.
You can use the remaining land anywhere, in your home, to make the reading room. No need to provide lots of furniture, which are essential to support reading activities. To create a cozy reading room, there are several things to note.
First, place a chair or a comfortable seat. In general, people take the time to read between 15 minutes and one hour. In fact, not infrequently who spent many hours to read. Therefore, the absolute necessity of comfortable seating.

If the available land is narrow enough, select a single sofa. To be more comfortable, add poeff as leg braces. Thus, while reading you can relax and stretch my legs.
The next thing to note is the placement of bookshelves. Do not force to put a large bookcase in the den when the available land is insufficient. Instead of a book shelf, put some shelves. Arrange a few favorite books on the shelves.
In addition both of the above, that should not be overlooked is lighting. Reading activities in great need of adequate lighting. Reading in the room that the lack of light is certainly not comfortable. Therefore, make sure the reading room has adequate lighting. Lighting can be obtained by placing a reading light. Adjust the position of a reading lamp so that light falls right on the page being read. The best position is on the left or right side of the body. Or it can choose a reading lamp that has a "sleeve" that can be rotated in all directions so that the position of the light falls can be arranged .